Invitation to the digital press conference: March 24, 17:00 - Foundation of Goodfuture.Berlin & guidelines for Berlin's climate neutrality by 2030

Invitation to the digital press conference:

Berlin, Friday March 24, 17:00 to 18:00

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Dear media representatives,

numerous experts support the "Berlin climate-neutral 2030" referendum. Commitments instead of targets are necessary and possible. They are both economically necessary and socially just. In the run-up to the Berlin 2030 climate-neutral referendum, a large number of experts have come together to form a Think & Do Tank alliance: Goodfuture.Berlin.

This alliance brings together experts from the fields of business, finance, administration, energy, buildings, transport, consumption, industry, agriculture, forests and sinks. They will actively support Berlin's path to climate neutrality by 2030.

We invite all citizens, Berlin companies and scientists to join our alliance and help shape the common path to a climate-friendly society. We would be very pleased about your interest.

Our new website will be continuously updated and expanded over the next few days, and we will also provide information on current events relating to the "Berlin 2030 climate-neutral" referendum which all Berliners can vote on on Sunday, March 26.

Best regards on behalf of the Goodfuture alliance

Prof. Holger Jahn