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Berlin entrepreneurs support the referendum - Economy for change
Berlin 2030 climate-neutral referendum: good reasons to vote "yes" - Scientists for Future

A large number of scientists, entrepreneurs and experts support us.

Prof. Dr.
Uli Beisel
Professor for Human Geography
"A climate protection law is not only essential for a liveable Berlin, but also an act of climate justice. The Global South is disproportionately affected by climate change, although most emissions are caused by the Global North."
Jochen Wermuth
I support the referendum for a climate-neutral Berlin by 2030 to help ensure that my children can grow up in a world worth living in and for economic and geopolitical reasons...
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Lorena Valdivia
S4F Building-Living-Habitat specialist group
"The building sector has missed its emissions target for the third time. Energy efficiency is essential, but is no longer enough. Affordable, fast, socio-ecological living space must now be developed in existing buildings using renewable and recyclable materials."
Gregor Hagedorn
Scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, co-founder of Scientists for Future
"We are on a collision course with the realities of natural law. Solving the current crises requires courage and commitment, not just goodwill and non-binding declarations of intent. This is precisely the difference the referendum can make."
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Jamie Arbib
Co-Founder ReThinkX
"Our study "Germany's path to Freedom Energy" shows that Berlin can realistically be climate-neutral by 2030. An abundance of the cheapest energy reduces the cost of living - Berlin just has to want it."
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Viola Muster
Consumer researcher
"We are making far too slow progress with effective climate protection. Politicians therefore need clear signals and pressure from citizens. And that - unfortunately - applies all the more to the new government."
Prof. Dr.
Volker Quaschning
Professor for Renewable Energy Systems
"We finally need an effective climate protection law because no party in the Berlin Senate is following the recommendations of the scientific community to stay within the 1.5-degree limit."
Prof. Dr.
Julia Asbrand
Child and teenage psychologist
"We need more legally enshrined climate protection that also sends a clear psychological signal that we want to safeguard our future and that of future generations."
Prof. Dr.
Christoph Schneider
Professor for Climate Geography
"If you don't take the first step, you won't take the next. Every hundredth of a degree of avoided global warming saves lives."